Who Is She?

Let's just start off with what a name right ? lol. It encompasses everything that I am on this financial journey. I am an African-American woman from New York City. Currently working in the Education field, Special Education to be exact, It's my passion. I am also on a debt free financial journey to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be. Started this journey with $46,000 in debt in 2019 and ending 2020 with more than half of that paid off. 

*pats self on back*

I'm all about the laughs, love and motivation, but in person I'm really just a quiet woman trying to make her mark in this world. I'm more than just a financial blogger. On Sundays, on my Instagram, in my stories, we talk about sex because why the hell not?! Any-who before I continue to ramble, come in, you might find something you like!

Oh! When your friends ask you to randomly go out tell them, 

Bitch, I'm Budgeting!

Bitch ;)