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Girl! Get Rid of That Damn Debt!

It’s difficult to get out of debt BUT its doable!

Sometimes it takes everything you’ve got to pay your bills on time and put money away for an emergency. However, if you only pay your creditors the minimum amount due, you risk getting into debt traps from which it may take you months or years to escape.

Here are some tips to remember on your debt free journey!

  • Track it!

Budget helps you to keep track of your income and expenses and the things you spend your money on. This helps you to reduce unnecessary costs by becoming more aware of your income and expenses.

  • Organize Your Debt!

Your finances are affected differently by different debts. To figure out what is most significantly affecting your budget, collect the most recent statements from each of your creditors, note the creditor, overall amount owed, regular payment amount, and interest rate.

  • Do You Want More?

Before taking on any new debt, work toward paying down your existing debt and steer clear of any pointless purchases.

  • I Am Paying In Full!

To avoid high interest rates and late fees, make complete and timely payments on your bills. Always try to pay more than the minimum amount required.

  • What’s My Priority?

Paying the minimum amount due each month on all will help you pay off your debt the quickest. Pay as much as you can toward that debt.

All kinds of debt affect your finances equally. Get rid of that shit!

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