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This is a 3-part planner which includes a workbook, 12 month undated planner, over 10 savings challenges and so much more! There is so much jampacked into this kit!


The kit includes: 

  • 3 part planner that helps you focus on your mindset, goals and money management.
  • Pen 
  • 5 savings envelopes to go with your savings challenges. 
  • 2 pages of stickers



In this planner you will get:


  • 12-month undated planner with 2 page monthly overview
  • Weekly mini goal tracker
  • Financial fact sheets
  • A space to create your personal vision board
  • “The Focused Five”
  • 6 Paycheck checklist per month
  • Monthly expense tracker
  • 12 savings challenges
  • Space to write an open letter to yourself
  • Yearly savings overview
  • Yearly investment overview
  • Quarterly self reflection review 




I'm Financially Fit Planner

$70.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
    • The 3-part planner/ workbook
    • 2 pages of stickers
    • 5 savings envelopes
    • Pen
    • Custom box
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