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The Bougee Banker was so gracious to provide us with a guide on custodial accounts!

Many of us may not know the benefits we can provide to our children and how we can build generational wealth for them sometimes before they're even born! 


You'll get: 

-A thorough breakdown of custodial accounts. 

-Custodial accounts you can invest in.

-Platforms that provide custodial accounts.

-Free resources. 


A messages from The Boujee Banker 

Hey Mama!

Man, our babies are growing up so quickly!

We do everything in our power to set them up for success. We teach them how to be mannerable, how to practice cleanliness, and the importance of doing well in school.

Of all the important lessons we instill

in our children.

Somehow financial literacy and building wealth is often left out.

I created this guide to help you navigate through understanding custodial accounts. But, please always seek professional counsel from a licensed financial advisor and

remember the contents of this document are just suggestions and not financial advice.

All the best, -Boujee



Custodial Accounts Free Guide!

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